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What type of lash artist are you?

Everyone has a different approach to the lashing industry, yet all of us strive to give our clients amazing and quality lashes. Have you ever wondered which type of lash artist you are? Maybe you’re a combination of a couple of different lash artist personalities?! 

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Dive into this article to see which one you are and who you think your friends are below.

The Perfectionist

Flawless is your middle name and spending just a little bit of extra time to achieve perfection is your game. Every move you make is naturally confident and seems effortless. Your lash tools are kept in a perfect state and you are known as being a little bit of a neat freak. You’re always well prepared for your clients and your book keeping is down to the penny.

The Creative

You are not afraid to ask your clients if they want to try something new. You always think outside of the box and you are not afraid to mix and match lengths, diameters and curls. Add color and glitter? Yes please! You are a lash artist that is constantly pursuing knowledge and continue to sign up for lash conferences, courses, or business training. 

The Serene Sculptor

You always book a little extra time because you know Rome wasn’t built in a day. You’re devoted to your craft and even if it takes a little longer, you make sure each lash is placed perfectly. You are able to work extended periods without becoming fatigued or frustrated. Being a lash artist to you is more than just a profession, it is the drum that calms your heart. As you apply lashes, you are patient and apply each lash carefully and methodically to create the desired look. 

The Oversharer

Your elementary school report cards always made comments about excessive talking, but honey you use those interpersonal skills to go all out making clients feel comfortable around you. With you, talking comes naturally. Not only are you able to speak to the client’s heart, but you understand their needs and preferences. Clients look forward to hearing about the new and exciting stories in your life and you often lose track of time, and run late from being caught up in the interesting chat with your fellow attendants.

The Tenacious Tress Tamer

You love a good challenge and do not shy away from clients with difficult situations or who want complicated lash designs. You have a strong work ethic and are willing to put in the time and effort required to achieve the desired outcome. You never stop doing things and you leave no stone unturned till you reach success. The mantra you think to yourself is if there is a will there is always a way. 

The Relaxed Refiner

You are laid-back and easy-going. You prefer more of a minimalistic style, but you still emphasize the attention to detail and refinement that being a lash artist requires. Your lash room gives off the most relaxing vibes, and you always present a calm environment and an easy demeanor for clients. When you face any kind of inconvenience at work, you still are able to say no to stress. 

Which type did you most relate to? Share with us on our Instagram Page @honeybee_lash_co.

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