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What is the best professional glue to use for eyelash extensions?

Having a dependable eyelash adhesive is the foundation to a lash artist's career. At Honeybee Lashes we know this, which is why we work hard to develop and sell eyelash adhesive products we can proudly stand behind. 

Professional eyelash extension glue by Honeybee Eyelashes.

But you don’t have to take our word for it, professional eyelash artists have weighed in on why they think Honeybee’s professional eyelash glue is the best professional glue on the market.

Holy Grail Lash Adhesive


We have been using honeybee products for more than 3 years now and it has never failed us!!! A lifetime customer that’s for sure. - Ghaylbreann F. 

My go to glue!

So quick drying and the retention is amazing when paired with the superbonder. Low to zero fumes and all of my clients love it! Make sure to really shake it well and take your time.. I find that smaller bottles are harder to shake so definitely don’t skip on shaking! - looksbyalia


I have tried multiple (over 6 lash brands) and this adhesive not only supports my sensitive clients, but all other clients who do not have sensitivities. I’ve used this adhesive for over 2 years now and it does NOT fall short on me. My top 3 faves of this adhesive:

  • Wide range of humidity & temp
  • It’s flexibility for beginner and advanced lash artists
  • It never clogs at the tip

  • Try this adhesive! You won’t regret it! - Emma

    Black Liquid Gold Adhesive

    As a new user of honeybee, I have to say, “I’m pretty amazed with this adhesive.” The low fume, quick dry and consistency is spot on!!! I can’t wait to try the holy grail next. Then see what is my favorite!! -  Our s. 

    The best glue I’ve ever used!

    I love this glue. It dries fast and always works perfectly. This is the only glue I will use!! - Kennedy D.

    My bestie for low humidity

    It's that time of the month again and I love switching to liquid gold from my holy grail because it gets pretty dry in my studio during this time. Can’t wait to up my girls retention again! - looksby alla

    Clear Liquid Gold Adhesive

    Love the clear

    I have been searching for the perfect glue for 2 years. I finally tried the clear. It’s hard to see but the way it grabs the lash is perfect! I’ve never had such great retention of my clients as I do now. Best glue! - Cori m.

    11/10 Favorite Adhesive

    I have been lashing for 3 years now and Honeybee Clear Liquid Gold Adhesive is hands down the best adhesive that I have ever used. It works so perfectly in my environment here in Montana and my retention has been the best it has ever been since switching to this adhesive. It has a bit slower of a dry time giving me time to wrap my lash fans and works great in a wide range of humidity so I don’t need to switch between adhesives during my guest’s lash application which I love! - Danielle M

    If you’ve tried Honeybee lash adhesives we would love to hear your feedback. Simply click to each product’s page and at the bottom you can write your review. 

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