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Top Tips on How to keep your Lashes from Popping off While Brushing Through Them

Hey lash artists, ever feel like your masterpiece lashes are pulling a vanishing act every time your clients brush through them? Well, fear not, because we're about to drop our top tips to make sure your lash creations stay put and party on without any unexpected exits! 

Issue with eyelashes falling off

Clean Lashes = Happy Lashes

Dirty lashes are an absolute no-go, as extensions won't adhere to grime, and any trace of residue can seriously impede the adhesive bond. Prioritizing cleanliness is crucial, so ensure your client's lashes are impeccably clean before delving into the enchanting world of lash application. 

Bonus Tip: Take this moment to also explain the significance of pristine lashes to your clients.

Find Your Perfect Glue Match

Selecting the perfect lash adhesive is akin to discovering a soulmate for your lashes. It should harmonize with your working pace and the ambiance of your lash haven. Avoid getting entangled in a love triangle of low humidity and high humidity. Take a moment to check the weather, make necessary adjustments, and commence the enchanting dance of the lash-adhesive connection!

Hygrometer Magic: Your Lash lair Sidekick

Meet your new bestie, the hygrometer! This little gadget is your ticket to lash paradise. Grab one for a mere $10 on, and let it spill the tea on the temperature and humidity. If your lash glue is acting sassy, blame it on the weather, adjust your lash lair settings, and keep those lashes in check.

Generous Gluing

Don’t be stingy with the glue! While drawing your extensions is a no-no, a little extra glue can be a game-change. If you’re noticing the lashes popping off while working, your adhesive is curing too quickly during placement. Adding a bit more glue should eliminate this issue. So channel your inner glue boss and let those lashes shine like the stars they are!

Keep Your Glue Drop Fresh

Change your glue drop regularly, approximately every 15-20 minutes or as needed. When you notice the adhesive becoming tackier or thicker, it’s time for a fresh drop. This ensures the adhesive maintains the desired consistency for application. 

Teach Your Clients to Lightly Brush

Remind your clients that brushing their lashes is a gentle affair, not a WWE smackdown. Show them how to channel their inner fluffing vibes - soft, gentle, and with a touch of elegance. 

There you have it, lash lovers! Armed with these tips, you're ready to conquer the world of extensions. Go forth and lashify!

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