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Top 5 Myths About Eyelash Extensions

There are a lot of myths about eyelash extensions, but we’re here to set the record straight so you can feel at ease at your next lash appointment. 

From whether or not you should take your extensions out yourself to how much damage they cause your natural lashes, it’s time to tell the truth. 

  • Lash Extensions Damage Your Natural Lashes

  • One of the biggest myths about eyelash extensions is that they harm your natural eyelashes. The truth is that when applied properly, eyelash extensions should not damage your natural lashes. However, if your lash artist uses lashes that are too heavy, too much lash glue, or glues them in place incorrectly, there is a possibility that your extensions could weigh your natural lashes down and cause them to fall out sooner. 

  • You Can’t Get Your Lash Extensions Wet

  • There is some truth to this one, you shouldn’t get your lash extensions wet within 24 hours of application. Wetting them within this time can affect how well the glue holds them in place, making them fall out. But outside of the 24 hour window you’re free to shower, wash your face, and swim in the pool as you normally would. 

  • You Should Pull Your Extensions Out

  • There is a common misconception that you should just pull your lash extensions out when you are done with them; however, this practice can really damage your natural lashes and even prevent them from growing back. The truth is that when you’ve decided you no longer want lash extensions, you should make an appointment with your lash tech, who will safely remove any remaining lash glue before removing your lashes. This prevents the extensions from pulling on your natural lashes and causing them damage and pain. 

  • Getting Lash Extensions Is Painful

  • Getting eyelash extensions should never be painful! In fact, some lash artists even report having clients fall asleep during the procedure, that’s how relaxing it should be. If you experience pain at any time during the extension application process make sure to communicate that to your lash technician immediately so they can help you.  

  • Eyelash Extensions Last a Long Time

  • If properly cared for your lashes can last quite some time, but you should still get them filled at least every two weeks. Over time your natural lashes shed and new lashes grow, so your extensions will fall out during this natural shedding process. This means that sparse spots will begin to form where your extensions have fallen out, so you’ll want to keep up with your fills to keep your lashes looking full and luxurious. 

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