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Tips & Ideas for Colored Eyelash Extension Application

Tips & Ideas for Colored Eyelash Extension Application 

Colorful lashes are trending and we love all of the great new styles lash artists are creating. If you’re interested in testing out colored lashes with your clients or if you are looking for some additional tips to get that “wow” look every time, here are some basic ideas to give a try.

Use Clear Glue

To give brighter and lighter eyelash colors an additional pop and to create more of a vibrant look, use a clear adhesive. Also, the clear glue hides the bonding and helps them blend in better. 

Mix White into Black

Also known as “Salt and Pepper “ eyelashes, adding white lashes adds dimension to a black lash set the same way any type of highlighting would work.  You’ll want to add black falsies first and then a light layer of white near the bottom of the lash line, so they are only visible when viewed up close. 

Add a Touch of Flare

Some of the more popular colored lash services are just simply adding a pop of color to the outer corner of a set of lash extensions. This simple look is easy to do and is also simple to change out when your clients come in for a fill. 

Create an Extra Eyeliner Effect

To achieve a more defined eyeliner effect, use a black adhesive with darker colored lashes. By doing this you’ll create more of a natural looking eyeliner effect.


Layering colors can be really fun and how you layer your colors can create a different effect. This look changes with where you decide to place the color in the layer. 

For a soft hint of color, that is only noticeable when your client blinks, add the color on the top layer. 

For a more blended look, place colors between black extensions in the middle layer. 

And to get colors to really pop, apply them at the bottom. This makes the color more visible, creating more of a hypnotizing effect.

Match The Eye Color

Use lashes that complement your client’s eye color. For example if your client has green eyes, subtly place a few green lashes in the outer corners of the lash line. This placement trick cleverly opens up your client’s eyes and makes them appear bigger and brighter. 

Mix Lash Colors

Mixing colors can be a lot of fun. Some of our favorite color combinations are blue and white, green and white, brown and yellow. Mixing black lashes in with colored lashes create a more subtle, wearable everyday look or you can go all out and create festive holiday looks. 

And that’s it! Did you learn a thing or two or do you have any tips you’d like to share? Share and tag us on social media, we can’t wait to see your creations.

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