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Summer Lash Trends to Amp Up Your Vibes!

As EDC Las Vegas 2024 wraps up, anticipation for summer grows. From the pulsating beats to the impeccable fashion, the festival has ignited our creativity. With music artists hitting the road again and festivals reclaiming center stage, it's evident that this summer is set to be unforgettable.

To navigate the bustling season ahead, it's crucial to have the perfect products to enhance your clients' looks and keep up with the latest trends. Here, we unveil the top five looks that are ready to shine this summer.

UV Color Lashes

Neon-colored UV lashes are the ultimate accessory to amp up your music festival ensemble. They boast vibrant hues and are incredibly easy to apply. These lashes come alive under black lights, promising your clients the same long-lasting wear and comfort they crave.

As for choosing the perfect color combinations, here are a few options to consider: for those who prefer subtle browns or reds, opt for bright and bold colors. If they have brown eyes, experiment with vibrant greens, while blue-eyed clients can rock shades of blue. The possibilities are truly endless!

Angel Lashes

This lash trend has been steadily regaining popularity in the beauty scene for some time now, but this summer, we anticipate it will truly soar. Angel lashes exude a true Hollywood, "I'm here to have fun" vibe. They work their special kind of magic, crafting a fluttery, soft, and undeniably glamorous appearance for the eyes. By delicately combining various lengths, curls, and textures, they achieve a wispy, feathery effect that beautifully frames the eyes.

Prepare to elevate your client's gaze with Angel eyelash extensions, infusing a touch of magic that will make their eyes shine brighter than ever before.

A Touch of Color

For those clients who prefer a more subtle approach, a delicate hint of color applied to their eyelashes can be just the right touch to ignite their inner wild side. Whether they're gearing up for their favorite summer festival or music concert, this subtle pop of color adds a playful edge to their look, allowing them to express themselves in a way that feels comfortable yet adventurous. It's a simple yet effective way to infuse excitement into their style while maintaining their reserved demeanor, ensuring they stand out in the crowd without feeling out of place.

Natural Lash 

A style that we’re sure you’ve seen on TikTok is the natural lash lift. This trend is one of the hottest looks this summer, perfect for those craving a laid-back yet polished appearance.

With their gentle formulas, these lifts work harmoniously with your natural features, enhancing your lashes and brows to perfection. While the effects gradually fade over time, typically lasting between 4 to 6 weeks, the convenience and ease of application make them a must-have addition to your beauty routine.

Eyelash Enhancing Serum

This is an excellent choice for clients seeking longer lashes but are often on-the-go and unable to visit for lash appointments. An eyelash enhancing serum provides the ideal solution to promote thicker and longer natural lashes. (The Honeybee Serum is compatible with lash extensions.)

As we eagerly anticipate the summer ahead, it's time to prepare for the season's festivities in style. With options ranging from vibrant neon hues to delicate wispy effects, these trends offer something for every style preference. It's time to help your clients get ready to stand out with confidence and make it their most glamorous summer yet!

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