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Lash Accelerator VS Primer. Are they the same thing?

Lash Accelerator VS Primer      

As you get started into the new world of eyelash extensions, knowing whether you need to use a lash accelerator or a primer is important and can make a difference with your lash retention and customer satisfaction. At Honeybee, we put together everything you need to know so you walk away confidently knowing how to use these products. 

Recently we discovered that a lot of eyelash technicians may not have been taught how to use an eyelash accelerator or a primer or you were taught how to use one over the other.  If this is you, just know, you are not alone. 

Lash accelerators and primers are used for different purposes, however they both can really improve how long your client’s extensions last. Our hope is after reading this post, you’ll walk away with a better understanding and feel encouraged to try out some new techniques.

What is a Lash Accelerator?

Lash accelerator is applied to the eyelash extensions only and is not to be applied to your client’s natural eyelashes. Lash Accelerator should be applied throughout lashing every 40 minutes. Lash Accelerator is used to speed up the curing time of the eyelash adhesive which speeds up the time it takes to apply.

What is a Lash Primer?

Lash primer typically should only be applied to your client’s natural eyelashes and not the extensions. Primer is added prior to applying the eyelash extensions as a pre-treatment. Lash Primer helps to  strengthen the bond between the real eyelashes and extensions.  

What is the difference?


Lash Accelerator

Lash Primer

  • Used on eyelash extensions
  • Used on the client’s real eyelashes 
  • speed up the curing time of the eyelash adhesive used
  • create a stronger bond between the client’s real eyelashes and the extensions.


Both used together can really prolong the wear time and can help with premature break out.

If you still have questions on how to use each of these products, we do offer private lessons or we have group training in and around the Salt Lake City area. Click to view the training schedule. 

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