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Information on Professional Lashing Systems and Adhesives

In the world of lashing, there are two main light cure systems: UV and LED. Alongside these, there's a variety of lashing adhesives to choose from. We've delved into these options to give you a clearer understanding of what's available and what could work best for your clients.

UV Lashing System

UV Lash Glue is exactly as the name suggests, it requires exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light to cure and set. This adhesive is often transparent when applied and becomes clear once it’s exposed to the UV light. This curing process is typically done using a special UV lamp. 

What are the core ingredients found in UV Lash Glue?

The core ingredients found in most UV lash adhesives are Ethyl 2-Cyanoacrylate, Hydroquinone, Photoinitiator.

Ethyl 2-Cyanoacrylate is a powerful adhesive found in eyelash extension glue. It's fast-drying and creates a strong bond, but it can also cause strong fumes and irritation for some clients.

Hydroquinone is an ingredient that helps keep eyelash extension glue from drying out in the bottle. It stops the glue from curing until it's applied to lashes, ensuring it lasts longer and works when you need it during application

Photoinitiators are molecules that react to UV or visible light, creating active substances. They're important in beauty products like gel polish and dental materials, where UV light helps them harden quickly. So, when your nail technician uses UV light on your gel polish, or when you get a dental filling, photoinitiators are at work making things dry and durable fast.

What is the difference between UV, UV LED, and LED?

A frequent mistake in online content about UV light lash systems is the confusion between UV and LED terms. Understanding the difference between these light types is crucial, as it could affect your clients' long-term safety. Take the time to research and clarify what UV and LED lights entail to ensure the best choices for your clients' well-being.

LED Lashing System

These are eyelash extensions as you know them but they are adhered with gel rather than traditional lash glue. The gel is then cured instantly to the lash with a blue LED light.

Why doesn’t Honeybee sell either of these lashing systems?

Until further tests have been done on UV or LED lash systems to determine there are no long lasting side effects to the clients eyes or eyelids, we will not offer these systems as part of our product catalog.

Traditional Lash Adhesives

The lash adhesive market offers a variety of options, with many containing Cyanoacrylates, including those used with UV lash technology.

Ethyl 2-Cyanoacrylate stands out as a potent ingredient in eyelash extension glue, boasting fast-drying properties and a strong bond. However, it may trigger strong fumes and irritation in some clients.

While polyacrylate lash adhesives gained attention in 2019 as a potential alternative to Cyanoacrylates, they're actually more toxic. We advise against their use in lash adhesives.

There are multiple types of cyanoacrylates utilized in lash extension adhesive formulation, each offering unique characteristics such as curing speed, viscosity, flexibility, durability, breakage resistance, and oil resistance.

What is a good alternative if I’m too worried about using UV or LED or even traditional lash adhesives?

Lash lift kits are a great alternative and are perfect for clients who have developed an allergy to lash extensions, or are just wanting a more natural look by enhancing their natural lashes.

As always, we recommend you take the time to research and educate yourself on what products will work best for you and your clients when it comes to using any UV, LED, or traditional eyelash adhesives. 


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