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How to Pick the Perfect Eyelash Extensions for Your Clients

Clients come to you because you’re the expert. Here’s our guide on how to pick the perfect eyelash extensions for them, every time. 

Keep Your Client’s Lifestyle in Mind

We all dream of creating the perfect lash sets for our clients that perfectly suit their styles as well as their lifestyles. In order to do that there are some important factors to consider:

  • Does your client wear glasses? If so, you won’t want to go too long with the extensions, otherwise they’ll touch your client’s lenses. If the client insists that they would like longer lashes, make them aware of this fact. 
  • Does your client wear makeup everyday? If so, they may be able to pull off a more natural look. If not, you may want to advise them to get a more natural set that will compliment a bare face
  • What look are they going for? Is this client all about the drama, or are they just wanting a more natural, full look? Help them choose something that fits their own personal style. 

Keep Your Client Informed

Show your client the difference between C, CC, D, and L+ style lashes. A great way to do this is by putting them side by side so that your clients can differentiate between the three, and decide which style best fits the look they’re trying to achieve. 

Inform first-time clients that they may not achieve their ideal look on the first try, but that you’d be happy to make any of their desired adjustments in future appointments. This helps to manage client expectations and let new clients know it’s ok to change their minds and try new styles. 

Decipher the Photo

If a client brings in a photo of a lash style they’d like you to imitate, you’ll need to be able to figure out exactly what they’re wanting. This means being able to pinpoint lash types at a glance, and ask the right questions. Does the client really want her lashes this full, or is she just looking for something similar? Does she like the lash set itself in the photos, or just the makeup look the model is wearing? It’s important to get specific so that you can give your client the perfect eyelash extensions of her dreams. 

If the client is unsure of what they’re looking for, or if they show you an unrealistic photo, consider showing them photos of your past work in order to help them decide on a doable style. This way, you’ll be able to manage your client’s expectations while knowing exactly how to achieve the look they want because you’ll have done it before. 

Let Honeybee Lash Co. Help

Now that you know how to pick the perfect eyelash extensions for your client, it’s time to look for the best lash extensions. At Honeybee Lash Co. we’ve made it easy, you can shop our collection of affordable, grade A faux mink lash extensions, and rest easy knowing you’ve made a great choice for you and your clients.