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How to Easily Make your Client’s Lashes Fuller-Looking

Also known as “Salt and Pepper” Lash Extensions, this semi-new lashing technique is all the rage in helping create an optical illusion of fuller-looking lashes. The unexpected white streaks amplify the texture of lashes, making them appear fluffier and wispier than ever. 

Salt and Pepper Eyelash Trend

This trend started in 2018 by Canadian lash expert Joanna Keller. By using the “salt and pepper” technique she discovered she was able to create lashes that appear denser and much more feathery than the typical, black extensions that are often used. 

In explaining this trend and technique to your clients, think of it as similar to when you highlight your hair. The lighter highlights in dark hair make it look brighter and more full. When you apply this same process to eyelashes it has the same impact in helping to create more detail around your eyes and depth.

When applying salt and pepper lash extensions to clients, apply black ones per usual. Then for the very bottom layer near the lash line, glue on white lashes. They end up making up about an eighth of the whole set.

White lash extensions cost about the same as the standard black and they last just as long. 

And if you’re really wanting to spice things up, add in a middle layer of another color like lash artist @simply_esthetics did with Honeybee Lash products in the photo below. The depth the colors portray on the lashes really create a mesmerizing look we just can’t get enough of.

White eyelashes highlight the eye
Photo Credit @simply_esthetics


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