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Frequently Asked questions About Lash Extensions

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent lashes made from synthetic mink, or silk and are applied by medical grade adhesive to your natural lashes. They are not the same as strip lashes, and are placed individually, either on each lash or every other lash, depending on the desired look.

How long do eyelash extensions last?

Because eyelash extensions are attached to the natural lash, they last as long as the natural growth cycle, or about six weeks.

Do eyelash extensions hurt?

No! Eyelash extensions do not hurt if they are applied correctly. Eyelash extensions should ALWAYS be applied with professional tools by isolating one lash, and adhering 

How long does it take to apply eyelash extensions?

A full set of eyelash extensions take anywhere from 90 to 180 minutes to apply depending on the lash style and experience of your lash technician.

Can I wear mascara or eye makeup with my eyelash extensions?

We do not recommend wearing mascara with your lashes. For eyeshadow and eyeliner, as long as it is oil-free and removed daily with an oil-free makeup remover, you can pump up the eye drama.

Can I use a lash curler on my eyelash extensions?

No need! The extensions curl on their own. 

Can I wear contact lenses with lash extensions?

Yes! Eyelash extensions are typically safe to wear with contact lenses. If you have highly sensitive eyes, you may need to remove your contact lenses during your eyelash extension service but you will be safe to place them back in after the service

Will lash extensions damage my natural lashes?

Lash extensions will not ruin your natural lashes. Natural lashes only become damaged from extensions if they are applied incorrectly. 

What are the most important dos and don’ts of wearing lash extensions?

Only use oil-free products, avoid pulling or tugging, keep the lashes clean and gently comb through them with a spoolie brush if they crisscross at all. And no waterproof makeup around the eye area.

What do I need to do before my first lash extension appointment?

Shower prior to your appointment, wear comfortable clothing, remove eye contacts, and use the bathroom. Don’t wear makeup, apply face creams or sunblock to the eye area, or curl your ashes on the day of your lash application.

How often do I need to get infills on my lashes?

Eyelash extensions are bonded to the natural lash, we recommend lash infills every 2-3 weeks to keep the set of eyelash extensions looking full.