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Finding the best fit when it comes to eyelash tweezers.

In every professional lash artist’s toolbox sits multiple sets of tweezers. The right eyelash extension tweezers can mean the difference between success and failure in your lashing business, especially if you are just starting out.

With so many options, how does one decide which eyelash extension tweezer is the best fit?

First, it’s important to remember, tweezers are a tool to make your job easier. You want a good fit for your hand because when held for a long period of time, tweezers essentially become a part of your fingers. As a professional lash artist, it is important to think about the weight, balance, and grip of the tweezer.

Types of eyelash tweezers

The tips of lash tweezers are what make professional eyelash extension tweezers. Each tweezer shape is most ideal for picking, selecting, and separating eyelashes during the application process.

I Shape & F Shape - Most Ideal for Isolation & Classic

Our straight tweezers come to a nice point. Are very light weight with medium tension.

Curved Straight Tip Tweezers

Our Curved Straight Tip Tweezers have a natural curve that is great to assist with isolation. This tweezer is extremely light weight and has medium tension.

S Shape - Most Ideal for Volume & Isolation

HB-103 is one of our newest tweezers. It isn’t only just beautiful, but so easy to work with. The tension is perfect, and the footing is impeccable allowing effortless pick up of the lash extensions.

L Shape - Volume Fan Making

HB-105 is also part of our newest tweezer collection. Our HB tweezers are beautiful and so easy to work with. Perfect tension and the footing is impeccable, allowing effortless pick up of Fan lash extensions. 

By the Material

Stainless and titanium are the most common materials used for professional eyelash extension tweezers.

Honeybee lash tweezers are made from Japanese Steel. This makes them very durable and lightweight. Making your lash application experience seem effortless.

Ultimately finding the right fit with tweezers depends on you. Just like when you are choosing the right eyelash extension adhesive, consider many factors (and try them out) to find the one that you like best. 

Honeybee Lash Co. offers high-quality faux mink lash extensions at wholesale prices. We have everything from applicators to adhesive and can provide everything you need to get your lash business up and running or keep it trending upward if you’ve already gotten started. Shop our full tweezer collection today and let us know what you think on our social media pages. @honeybee_lash_co