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Eyelash Extensions: Everything You Need to Know

Eyelash extensions have been rising in popularity over the years for their ability to boost confidence and eliminate the need for mascara.

Lash artists today have options when it comes to choosing which lash extensions to use.

With all the options out there, it can feel overwhelming to make a choice. Our guide to lash extensions provides everything you need to know to make an educated decision for your clients.

Eyelash Extensions — Curl and Size 

These extensions come in so many sizes and curl levels. Keep in mind that each type of lash is available in various diameters and lengths. Here’s a look at some of the most common extensions:

  • The C Curl: C Curl lashes are extremely versatile and are the most commonly used curl in lash extensions. They can be used for looks from the natural to the dramatic. C curl lashes give a lifted and wide-eyed appearance that appeals to a large variety of clients.

  • The CC Curl: The CC Curl lash is very similar to the C curl, but it’s a step up. Where the C curl looks like the lashes have been curled with an eyelash curler, the CC lash offers slightly more curl.

  • The D Curl: The D Curl is known for creating doll-like lashes for a more dramatic eye. They lift the lashes effectively when needed, and for a client with downturned eyes, they can work wonders.

  • The L+ Curl: The L+ Curl is often referred to as the “Barbie” lash, and for good reason. These lashes offer the most lift and volume and a huge amount of curl. Your clients who are looking for some extra drama will love the L+ curl.

  • Eyelash Extensions — Materials

    In addition to various curls and sizes, there are three materials that are commonly used for extensions. Each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Here’s a look at each:

  • Silk Lash Extensions: Silk extensions tend to be the cheapest option, and they are also often thicker than other types. Unfortunately, their thickness makes them heavy, and if you’re not careful about only using them on clients with the strongest lashes, they can lead to breakage. 

  • Mink Lash Extensions: Mink extensions are the most luxurious and, in turn, the most expensive option. They give a light, fluffy look that is super popular in the beauty industry today. These lash extensions are made from mink fur, so they don’t qualify as being vegan or cruelty-free. If your clientele is high-end, mink lashes are a great option. But if you’re looking for something more affordable, stick with silk or faux mink.

  • Faux Mink Lash Extensions: Faux mink extensions are all the rage and are the most commonly used type of extensions. They are similar to silk in terms of affordability, but are more versatile than silk. They’re made of polyester, so they’re much lighter and give the appearance of mink lashes while also being vegan and cruelty-free

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