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Eyelash Extension Supplies Every Salon Should Stock

Every lash artist has a list of essential products they need to keep in stock to help clients extend the beauty of their eyelash extensions AND bring in a little additional income. We recommend the following products to either give to or up-sell to your clients to help improve the longevity of their eyelash extensions. 

Eyelash Foam Cleanser + Cleansing Brush

Eyelash foam cleanser and eyelash cleaning brush.

A lot of eyelash artists will give this product to their clients as part of their service. Keeping lashes clean not only extends the longevity of the lashes, but it prevents a build-up of dead skin cells and bacteria growth.

The Honeybee Eyelash foam cleanser comes with a free cleansing brush. A lash cleansing brush helps reach deep in between natural lashes and wipes away impurities at the base of the lash extension from every angle. Lash cleansing brushes also have extra soft bristles, which are great for sensitive eyes. 

Clients may be tempted to use a q-tip or cotton ball to clean lashes, but remind them that lint and fiber from these materials can easily catch the extension and remove them prematurely. 

Educating your clients on how to properly clean their lashes with the cleansing brush is important, dirty lashes and equal costly repair and fill. Check out this blog post to share with your clients on How to Clean Eyelash Extensions with a Foam Cleanser.

Lash Wands

Serving a dual purpose, as a lash technician you’ll use a lash wand to brush out lashes while  you work, and then they make a great gift to pass along to your clients. Typically we recommend giving them the lash wand you used to apply their lashes, but we also recommend sending them home with an extra wand. 

Eyelash wands are like a little lash brush that clients can use to keep their eyelashes properly placed and beautifully aligned. 

Eye Makeup Remover

A good eye makeup remover can do wonders to preserve eyelash extensions. We recommend the Honeybee Eye Makeup Remover because it gently removes eyeliner, eyeshadow, even mascara without damaging your lash extensions. 

Do you have a go-to product you like to give to your clients? Share with us, and let us know in the comments. 

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