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Expect to see this NEW Neon Lash Color Trend in 2022

We’ve been rocking the chic-casual look of the 1990s for a while now and in 2022 the fashion industry is taking it back one dedicated further. That’s right, Gen X: it’s your time to shine. The 80’s are back, baby!

The 1980’s were all about full-on glam, it was an exciting time when pop culture shined… or glowed. From bold and eye-catching outfits and colors, to leather and lace, the 80s fashion trends are known most for being BIG and BRIGHT. 
From colorful clothing, especially neon, to big and beautiful, we are so excited to see how this trend is going to evolve with your clients. 

To help you get a jump start with this new trend, we’ve now stocked up with your favorite bright colored eyelash extensions

Neon UV Eyelash Colors

Neon Pink, Neon Green and Neon Orange are available in our UV colors. All colors glow under black lights for that extra something your client will love. All of these colors are available in variety trays .07 C, CC, and D curl. (Also, we have more fun colors coming soon!).

Check out these on trend looks we are starting to see:

We just love the pops of color, bright, yet subtle.

Eyelashes with Blue and Purple colors.

Photo Credit: @creations_by_kaisa
Used: 10-13/ 0.05/ CC Curl
With a Pop of blue💙

Check out this next 80's inspired look that is starting to pop up. Talk about Big and Beautiful!

Big and beautiful long false eyelash extensions

Photo Credit @medusas.lash

As we charge ahead into 2022, despite your opinion if you love this look or hate it, if you dig deep enough, there’s an ‘80s aesthetic for every style preference. The bottom line is 2022 and our post-lockdown year is going to be all about fashion and trends that are fun, full of energy, and entirely optimistic. 

As a lash artist, watching fashion trends is important in order to stay at the top of your lashing game. Your clients will book an appointment and expect that you have the latest and greatest to keep them looking their best. Be sure to stock up on all of our new colored lashes and follow us on Instagram or our email Newsletter to find out when our new colors are in stock and ready to purchase.

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