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Dive into Summer Fun with Gorgeous Lashes: A Guide for Lash Lovers!

Hey there, lovely lash aficionados! We put together some quick tips to share with clients to help make sure their lashes stay on point while they enjoy all the summer adventures the pool, ocean, and beach have to offer. Let’s dive in and keep your hard work, and clients happy, even after their water escapades!

Prep for Success

Before your clients hit the water, recommend they consider using a water-resistant eyelash sealant to protect their extensions from the potential effects of chlorine or saltwater. Sealant can be applied with a clean mascara wand or spoolie.

Shield The Rays

Girl in the sun wearing a hat with eyelash extensions

Protecting eyelashes from the sun is just as crucial as protecting your skin. Suggest that your clients flaunt their style with a wide-brimmed hat or trendy sunglasses to shield eyes and lashes from direct sunlight. Excessive sunlight can potentially fade or damage eyelash extensions.

Post-Swim Rinse

After any aquatic adventure, remind them to give their lashes a refreshing rinse and clean. An eyelash foam cleanser will work best to remove any chlorine or saltwater residue. This is extremely important because it will prevent their eyelash extensions from drying out and becoming brittle. 

Embrace the Air Dry

While we all love a good blowout, recommend that your clients air-dry the lashes and avoid using a hairdryer or rubbing them with a towel. The excessive heat or friction can weaken the adhesive, causing lashes to prematurely fall out. 

Handle with Care

Remind them to resist the urge to touch or rub their lashes, especially when they're wet. Moisture and friction can lead to premature shedding and damage natural lashes. Instead, embrace their beauty from a distance and let them dry naturally.

Remember, these tips will not only help your clients preserve the longevity of their eyelash extensions but also keep their natural lashes healthy and happy. So, dive right in, make a splash, and enjoy every moment while looking like a beachside goddess!


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