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Classic Eyelashes: Why are they a lash artists first love?

What might feel like ages ago, somewhere, hidden behind our more technical lash methods, we find our first love, the Classic Lash set.

It isn’t often that we get a Classical Lash set request from our clients, and it often skips our mind to recommend them, so why does it feel so refreshing when we do a Classic full set of eyelash extensions? And why don’t we recommend them more often?

It’s where we all began.

Ah, the good old days. *DEEP SIGH* Doing a Classic Lash set is like a refreshing breath of air. Each time we do them,  we are taken back to the foundation of our mastered skills. Remember the hours of patiently learning how to set each lash, the mapping, styling, product use and lash sizing?  Doing a Classic Lash set is a lash technique so familiar to us that we could seriously do it with our eyes closed. 

A Great “Go-To” Lash.

The Classic Eyelash set is a great go-to lash  when you have a new client that is new to the lashing game or a client that has a naturally thick lash-line that is looking for more of that natural edge. The classic set is the perfect  method to give a client a more lenient, fuller-looking lash line, as well as longer lashes. 


Classic Eyelashes

Image Credit @LevelUp.Lashes.Rocklin

A Timeless Lash Look

The Classic lash extension has stood the test of time and proven that they will forever be a timeless look. Even though there are many gorgeous lash styles, classic lashes will never go out of style. 


It is important to remember that having the right tools to create an ultimate classic set is important. 

LASHES - Because we attach just one lash extension to the client’s natural lash, the diameter of the extension is relatively wider than of a volume or mega volume lashes. It is recommended to use the lashes of 0.10 mm to 0.18mm diameters for the classic set. Shop HERE for Honeybee Lashes. 

ADHESIVE - When you are working on any lash extension set, including the classic one, you need to use a proper lash glue. If you have a client that is more sensitive, we recommend our Liquid Gold Clear..

TWEEZER - When it comes to choosing tweezers for the classic lash set, there is usually no wrong tweezer for the job. Some artists even prefer to use a simple straight tweezer for the 1:1 technique. We recommend using tweezers that fit your hand perfectly. If you haven’t found your perfect fit, take a look at the Honeybee Tweezers


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