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Brown Eyelash Extensions - A Natural Looking Lash Trend

As a lash artist, it's crucial to provide a variety of lash styles, from colorful to more natural-looking options. One growing trend we are starting to see clients ask for is if they can get brown lash extensions? And the answer you should be able to tell them is, yes!  

What are brown lash extensions?

Brown lash extensions are the perfect choice for achieving a natural yet voluminous lash set that complements your clients' existing lashes flawlessly. Crafted from mink, they offer versatility, seamlessly blending with natural lashes to add fullness and length without looking overtly artificial.

What type of client would benefit from brown eyelash extensions?

For those with Blonde or Red Hair

Suggesting brown eyelash extensions to your clients offers a subtle yet enhancing option, especially for those with fair complexions or light features like blonde or red hair. Brown lashes match their skin tone a lot better, resulting in a softer, more flattering effect. 

For those a Little Older in Age

Additionally, for older clients seeking a refined and delicate appearance or those with lighter-colored lashes, recommending brown extensions can achieve a graceful and natural enhancement.

For those with Sparse Lashes

Clients with sparse lashes can benefit from your recommendation of brown lashes. Not everyone is blessed with an abundance of natural lashes, and that's perfectly fine! This is where your expertise shines. If your client desires to enhance their natural lashes, brown lashes are ideal for filling in sparse areas. They're especially perfect when the brown pigment complements your clients' natural lashes - it's truly a satisfying outcome.

For those Who Love All Natural, Yet Hate Mascara

For clients who typically choose a lash lift, consider suggesting a set of warm-toned brown lash extensions. Brown lashes offer an excellent alternative for those who want to steer clear of mascara, but also want to have lashes with length and volume.

Tip: Use a clear lash glue as colored adhesive won’t give the seamless appearance that you might be going for. Using a clear adhesive allows the extensions to blend into the natural lash and helps to avoid a harsh lash line.

Do brown lash extensions come in a variety of lengths and curls?

Yes! Brown individual length lashes come in a variety of curl, length, and diameters. For a full view of what brown lashes Honeybee Lashes carry, go here.


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