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A Day in the Life of a Honeybee Lash Artist

The life of a Honeybee Lash Artist often looks beautiful and glamorous in the Instagram world. And it really can be! Behind the scenes of the stunning photos of perfect lashes, however, are hours of work and months of practice.

Being a lash artist is not for the faint of heart. It is one of the most tedious jobs out there, and many people go through training and quickly realize that it’s not the right career for them. Our Honeybee Lash Artists have been thoroughly trained and spent months and years perfecting their skills.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a Honeybee Lash Artist, here’s what a day in the life might look like:

An Early Start

Our lash artists live different lives all over the United States. Many of them are moms with young kids at home, while others are rocking the single life. Some have lash studios in their homes, and others work out of a salon or rent a retail space.

Despite diverse circumstances, Honeybee Lash Artists all have one thing in common: a drive to see their business succeed. Whether we wake up early to get our kids off to school before work or start right into our workday from the get-go, you can bet our mornings are full and productive.

Flexible Schedules

One of the best parts of being a Honeybee Lash Artist is the flexibility in your schedule. Have a doctor’s appointment on Friday? Cool. Just block off that time on your calendar so that you don’t schedule any clients at that time. Your daughter has a dance recital next week? Great! You can totally fit that in. Have some extra time on Saturday? Open up an appointment or two and make a little money on the weekend.

Doing lashes takes a lot of focus, and it can be physically demanding. Especially in the beginning, your back and hands might get tired quickly, and your eyes can feel strained. It’s smart to plan breaks between clients so that you don’t overwork yourself. 

Lash Appointments

Throughout the morning, afternoon, evenings, and weekends, each lash appointment looks a little different. For the first few months of doing lashes, a full set might take 4-6 hours. After months of practice, most Honeybee Lash Artists are able to complete a full set of lashes in about 2-3 hours and a fill in an hour. Speed is not the ultimate goal, though. We always value perfection over speed.

The products a Honeybee Lash Artist uses come from our well-stocked online shop. We offer high-quality faux mink lashes in a variety of curls, lengths, thicknesses, and colors. Each client has different preferences, as do individual lash artists. 

Join the Honeybee Hive

Our Honeybee Lash Artists are some of the most talented and knowledgeable in the business. Join us today by becoming an ambassador for Honeybee Lash Co.! Ambassadors are required to have at least a year of experience in lashing, a following on social media, and currently use Honeybee products. Join our team today!