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10 Quick tips to Improve Your Lash Technician Skills

The skills of eyelash technicians are very important, and making a novice mistake can cost you. Not to mention you could cause long-term damage to your client’s natural lashes.  No lash technician wants to become infamous for a botched job, so check out these 10 quick tips to help keep you at the top of your Lashing game.

1) Practice Installing Lashes

Practice makes perfect. Perfection is achieved when you’ve done the task a thousand times and the muscle memory is ingrained in your brain. As a lash technician, you have to practice your skills consistently if you want to provide your clients with the very best lashes and service. As the famous artist Rembrandt once said - “Practice what you know, and it will help to make clear what now you do not know”.

2) Steady Hands

Applying eyelash extensions requires you to work with one individual eyelash at a time. It’s important to keep an eye on caffeine intake or anything that might make you feel jittery or shaky. With up to 60 eyelashes to apply per eye, you’ll need a steady hand to prevent mistakes.

3) Details Matter

If you apply each lash as perfectly as possible, then your clients will love your work and tell all their friends. The key is to make sure you are paying attention to each little detail throughout the process and work towards applying each lash as perfectly as possible.

4) Accuracy Matters

Accuracy and confidence go hand in hand. When it comes to lashing, there is no room for error. Otherwise you’ll be left with an unsatisfied customer and possibly a bad reputation.

5) Look at Your Profession as an Art Form

If you want to be a lash artist, you need to look at every eye that you frame as a piece of art. Your job as a lash artist is about helping your clients feel amazing by creating something that enhances their natural beauty.

6) Build up your stamina

Having a full day of clients can be tiring and the last thing you want is to find yourself a little shaky by the time you greet your final customer. To build up stamina, start small and then work up to a full day of appointments.

7) Excellent Eyesight

We all think this is a “no brainer” but honestly, it’s okay if you were not gifted with perfect vision. Just make sure to wear your glasses or contact lenses while you work. It’s so important to be able to clearly see what you are doing while you're working with tiny individual lashes.

8) Become well-versed with using your supplies.

Knowing and understanding your supplies can help you get into a great rhythm while you’re applying lashes. If you’re trying to figure out which set of tweezers will work best to apply each lash type, not only will your client start to question your abilities, but the amount of time wasted by not knowing your supplies will impact your ability to fill your schedule.

9) Continuing education

Enroll in a Lash extension course. Nothing beats getting together with other lash artists to share and learn together. Challenge yourself to grow with each class. Learn how to increase your speed and technique or learn a new lashing technique. Taking at least 1 course per year is recommended. Just like business professionals go to conferences each year to network, learn, and grow their skills, lash artists need to stay up-to-date on their skills and techniques.

10) Customer Service Skills are Important

This one should be another “no-brainer” but the interactions you have with your clients can make or break your reputation. Be careful not to gossip or talk about other clients. Working on soft skills and good customer relationship skills can help you build a stronger bond and loyalty with your clients. It also creates a welcoming environment for clients to want to come back and tell their friends.

We really hope these tips have been helpful! According to research from Luxe Cosmetics, it's pretty clear that lots of folks in the US and all over prefer going to the pros for lash extensions. And hey, who can blame them? Getting those lashes just right takes serious skill and know-how. Pros (like you) know how to tailor the look to fit your client's eyes perfectly, making sure it's exactly what they want. So, keep up on your lashing game and share with us any additional tips you might have on our Instagram account @honeybee_lash_co..


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