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Silicone Eye Pads

Silicone Eye Pads

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Silicone eye pads are gel free, adhesive free, and most importantly reusable! We love sustainable products.

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How to use:                                                                                                                      Apply directly on top of the bottom lashes, or below the bottom lashes. If placing below the bottom lashes secure the lashes to the eye pads with tape "sandwiching" the natural lashes between the tape and silicone eye pad to keep secure. 

How to Clean:                                                                                                                 Wash the silicone eye pads with hot water and antibacterial soap, rinsing the soap off. Wipe or spray the front and back of the pads with alcohol then rinse again. Let the pads air dry or pat dry. Place back on the plastic film and store in the resealable protective bag. DO NOT PLACE IN HEATED SANITIZER.