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Lash Lift and Brow Lamination Kit

Lash Lift and Brow Lamination Kit

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Lash Lifts are perfect for the clients who have developed an allergy to lash extensions, or just wanting a more natural look by enhancing their natural lashes.

Each lash kit includes:
5ml bottle of perm solution
5ml bottle of setting solution
5ml bottle of lash nutrition
5ml  bottle of lash cleanser
1 bottle of Lash Lift Clear Adhesive
5 pairs of silicone rods
3 Y Brushes
10 micro swab applicators
5 mascara wands
*It is recommended to replace the kit 4-5 weeks after opening. Each kit has enough product for 10-15 lash lifts.

1. Remove contact lenses and eye makeup. Then select the appropriate size of silicone rods.
2. Put the eye pad under the eye, covering lower eyelashes.
3. Use eyelash cleanser to clean the dust, grease and makeup residue from eyelids and eyelashes. Make sure all cleanser is rinsed off and pat or fan dry.
4. Flex the silicone rod to loosen it up. Apply lash lift adhesive onto the back side of your desired silicone rod. Gently position the correct size silicone rod on the upper
eyelid. Hold the silicone rod for 5-10 seconds on the eyelid to ensure adhesion.
5. Once adhered, apply lift adhesive about 2/3 of the way up on the silicone rod. Let the adhesive hold on for 10-15 seconds before combing the lashes back makes this step
easier by providing instant grab to lock the lashes in place. Tip: Do not put too much adhesive on eyelashes.
6. Use a lash pick or Y brush to separate any lashes that are stuck together, and to straighten crooked or crossed lashes. Lashes should lie straight and taut from base to tip.
7. Take an appropriate amount of perm solution on a flocked applicator or micro swab. Cover all natural eyelashes from the base to the middle of the eyelash. Do not put the
cream on the tips of the eyelashes. Times the perm solution on the eyelashes for 8-14 minutes.
8. Use a flocked applicator to remove totally all the perm solution from the eyelashes.
9. Take an appropriate amount of setting solution on a micro swab. Apply evenly over the eyelashes from top to bottom. Times the setting solution on the eyelashes for 8-10
10. Use a flocked applicator to remove all the setting solution from the eyelashes.
11. Take an appropriate amount of lash nutrition on a micro swab. Apply evenly and brush the lotion through the eyelashes.
12. Use the cleanser with cotton swab to detach silicone rod from the eyelid, gently rolling wet cotton swab between the silicone rod and the skin. Clean remains of lash lift
adhesive on the skin with cleanser.