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DIY Lash Extension Kit

DIY Lash Extension Kit

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The DIY Lash Extensions are a great option for the clients who are unable to maintain lashes due to allergies, finances, or any other reason. The kit includes your bonder, sealant, and remover, along with two style of lashes; a more soft natural look for the day to day wear, and a full cat eye for more of a dramatic look.


Step 1: Ensure your natural lashes are completely clean and free of any makeup or previous glue residue. Use the bond to brush a thin layer of glue underneath your natural eyelashes, paying close attention to the roots, and wait 30-60 seconds for it to dry.

Step 2: Use the applicator tool to gently remove your first lash piece, starting with the outside corner of the eye.

Step 3: Place your lash piece carefully underneath your natural lashes. Repeat with the remaining pieces, working inwards.

Step 4: Use the sealant to gently brush the lashes to seal them with your own lashes, paying close attention to the base of the lashes. (You can apply the sealant to the lash applicator to avoid the sealant getting on the tips of the eyelashes.)

Step 5: Wait approximately 30-60 seconds for the sealant to dry, and enjoy your new fresh set of lashes!